After Effects or NUKE – WHICH IS BETTER For Motion Design / VFX

  1. Can we create visual effects with After Effects or NUKE is better for it? – This is a good question! First, you need to decide which field do you want to gain expertise. Motion Design or VFX movies? If your answer is motion design, I will recommend After Effects. If you answer is movies and visual effects, my answer will be Nuke! Let’s get into more details. After Effects is the perfect program. With this program, you can create motion design videos, 2D animation, movie effects and photograph-video editing. Of course, you will need Photoshop to edit photographs and Adobe Premiere to edit video. After Effects is an ideal program for motion design. Because there are no other programs to replace it in this field. But it is not fair to compare it with Nuke. Nuke is a very professional movie VFX software. The most important property of this program is the operation with Node system. After Effects still operates with layer system. Currently, most of the programs have transited to the Node system. I wonder why After Effects still uses the layer system. This might be the indispensable property of Adobe. Nevertheless, let’s go back to our topic. Nuke made various global movies. One of the examples can be given as the Avatar movie. But After Effects cannot do this much movie effects and we will get exhausted in the process. Isn’t it possible? Well, it is possible but it is like editing the videos with After Effects while you have Premier.