Cartoon Car & Fire World Animation in After Effects Tutorial

Hi friends, as you know, lately, global warming has started to burn in different places around the world. The most important of these is the Amazonian forest. This incident made me sad because I am in love with nature. I thought, in my video tutorial, that I was going to focus on that fire. Why the machine? Because, one of the main causes of global warming is the presence of excessive cars and the release of large quantities of harmful gas into the air. This is terrible! I use a bike for this kind of transport myself, and I think it would be better if everyone used it. After all, we have no other planet. What will we do if the only planet we have is destroyed? Making calories on Mars and so on. I don’t take things seriously because our bodies are not adapted to mars and similar planets. Let us carefully preserve the natural resources we have, and everyone is welcome! 🙂