Full Character RIG and ANIMATION with After Effects

Hi friends, I’m here with the new video tutorial. I couldn’t spare much time because I had a lot of work. I took the lecture notes for myself, I was going to animate this little dinosaur. Animation, the course of doing … Yes, I made a video over 20 minutes and all the files I’m free to offer you. That’s right, I got this character from freepik, so I took a moment to make it right for animation. Because all the shares of the character are separate when animating. But I’m still going to put the freepik-ten link. I hope you will learn new things with this video tutorial and animate your own characters. As you can see, no plug-ins are needed in the animation. I think it’s great fun and more professional. Anyway, let’s not get too long and go to class immediately. If this works for you, please like the video and subscribe to my channel. Good day, stay with love! 🙂