Hello friends, in this video I’ll talk about what is the point of working as freelancer. Let’s start from begin. Meaning of Freelancer is a freedom  warrior.. And we will fight for money. Working as freelancer you can command your time, work and money so easily.Do you want to see the difference between of normal office worker and freelancer? I have made 12 formuls for you that based on my experience.Let’s discuss it.

  1. You don’t have to wake up at 7 a.m to go to the office that filled traffic in city. As you know many of us use metro as transport and we all know how filled metro is.
  2. Same as to wake up at 7 a.m, you don’t have to come home at 6 p.m with those crush.
  3. If you have any meeting in a week you have to ask your boss to be allowed.But if you have important work then you aren’t trying, because you know that you should finish it.
  4. Imagine that you work in a company and you make 6-7 2D or 3D animations.You earn 3000$ wages for that. But the fact is those animations are 2x expensive than your wages.So, as you see, working as a freelancer its cost minimum 1200$, and there is not 1000$ in the end of month,  there is 6-7k $. Numbers aren’t real, may they are more than i say.
  5. If you do any work there aren’t a boss,manager and creator of project to check you every 5 minutes.
  6. You can do orders both night,morning and evening, because you choose your own work time.You decide, because you are both boss and project manager.
  7. You don’t have to wear same dresses every day. With one cup of tea and pajamas you can do them.
  8. If you are bored then you can rest. For example, it is middle of the month and you have got money as you need then you can play video games, can travel to the end of month. It is possible. J
  9. You have to finish your works at the office. This work can that you don’t like it, but what we can do… While working as a freelancer then you can deny any project that you don’t love,like.No one will say anything to you about it, because you make your own rules.
  10. It is not important for client that when you take order how you’ll work, where you’ll work, what time you’ll work.The important for client is quality and finish on time. If you setting them then it means you live! J
  11. Devoting time to personal life is hard thing.But unfortunately you can’t do it while you’re working at the office. So your friends call you, you make them to meet you weekend, if you are married your child wants to go to the park and you keep it to weekend too. There is a film that you love, you’ll watch it weekend! You have to change something in cooking-room, keep it to weekend. Your parents will visit you, tell them to come weekend. So, Sunday has come and you can’t do any of them. But while being freelancer you can do all of them anytime. Because you make your own rules here…
  12. While you are at the office you think that you work 8 hours for your wages. Yes, you work 8 hours. But you wake up at 7 a.m, preparing 1 hour and you lose 40 minutes in traffic for this job. Then you reach to the office, after working 8 hours you lose your 40 minutes again in traffic for to get home, you are getting sleepy while watching your film and eating food. It is still 10 p.m . Do you know what is the point of doing this? You try to sleep early night, because you don’t want to feel weak,tired yourself at 7a.m . So when we think that we sell our 8 hours actually we sell our all time to the offices…

Do you have something to add this list? If you have then write it as comment.