Hello friends, welcome to my new video. In this video I will show you how much I earn per month. The money I will show you is only with the internet. Because I have not taken orders from customers for the last 1 year. Why? Because I don’t need it anymore. When I lose with orders, I can earn with the Internet. What do I mean by earn online? Envato elements, Motion Array, Youtube, Sponsored videos and instagram. Before starting the video, subscribe to the channel and like the video. If this video gets 200 likes, I will make more detailed versions of how to make money for you. I am waiting for you, like the video… Let’s start with Envato Marketplace first. There are 2 ways to make money on Envato Marketplace. Videohive and Envato Elements. I have been selling animation on Videohive since 2015. The number of animations I have added so far is 1117. In addition, I have prepared 1 sound effect and 6 3D models. I use Audiojungle for sound effects and music, and 3DOcean platform for 3D models. First, I’ll show you the money I’ve earned on Videohive. As you can see, there was no Envato Elements before, and Videohive was a lot to earn. Then Envato Elements was launched and Videohive’s sales faltered.

What was the reason for this? Because, to buy an animation on Videohive, a customer had to pay between 12-16 dollars. But with a $16 monthly subscription to Envato Elements, they could get unlimited downloads. Therefore, customers started buying from Envato Elements instead of Videohive. Anyway, now let me show you the money I’ve been making on Envato Elements. The tax here is a bit high. That is, 30 percent. I will select After Tax to see the full return. As you can see, there are still 5 days left in the month. And I think the total money will be between 430-450 dollars. Previously, there was a Content Bonus system here, and 50-60 dollars could be earned there. But they canceled the bonus from August. So, I make an average of $60-70 a month from Videohive, and $450 a month from Envato Elements. Not bad money for the country I live in. If you are interested, I can say that I make 2D Cartoon Character, Explainer animations on these platforms. Is there a demand for them? Yes, there is demand! Let me now tell you about Motion Array. I have only started the Motion Array platform for 2 months. I made $198 from the first month. This surprised me a lot. Because I uploaded only 58 animations there. I did not expect to win so much. I earned $198 the 1st month and $171 the 2nd month on this platform. I have a total of 58 animations so far. I haven’t added any new animations. There are many things I like about this platform. Earning money continues with levels. The more sales, the higher the level. And when the level is high, your profit share will be more. For example, I am level 5 and I get 30 percent profit from each sale. Payment is made on the 15th of every month with Payoneer. How do I receive payments? I would love to use paypal. But unfortunately, paypal does not provide service in my country. That’s why I use Payoneer. I’m very satisfied with Payoneer. It has very nice services. With the payoneer card they sent me, I withdraw my money from ATMs in a convenient way. You can see the money I have earned and cashed out on Payoneer right now. Now let me show you how to sign up as a seller on Videohive, Envato Elements and Motion Array.