10 JOBS – Earn Money with After Effects Skills | Episode: 02

Hello friends, welcome to my new video. You really liked my first video. And people wrote in the comments that they were waiting for part 2. I also thought that I will prepare the 2nd part and share it with you. Dear friends, the topic of this video is “In what areas can we work and earn money with knowledge of After Effect?”. I have prepared 10 ways for you from my own experience. That is, after learning After Effects, you can earn money in 10 different ways. Please like the video before starting the video. Waiting…. Thank you so much for liking the video, it motivates me to share more of what I know with you. I’m waiting for your like

1. Working in agencies – this may be the first step for you. That is, do not think that as soon as you learn After Effect, you will work as a freelancer and earn 10,000 dollars a month. This is just funny. Because in order for you to earn $10,000, you need to find customers. Also, you need to know how to work with clients, project progress and other important details. You will definitely learn all this in the agencies. For example, agencies have project managers and they manage the project. They just give you the creative and technical side of the job. You don’t come into contact with the client, you get paid directly from your boss, not from the client. But it gives you a chance to learn all these processes by working in the agency. For example, if your goal is to work in an agency for a while, gain experience and leave, be very careful. Because it is important for you to know all these things in order to transition to the freelancer field. For example, where to find customers? How to contact the customer? By mail, by phone or with intermediary companies? You have to approach the customer differently in terms of price. For example, you can’t send large budgets to a weak and low-profit company, and it’s not right to send low-budget proposals to large and profitable companies. This indicates that you are unprofessional. In order to learn all this in depth, you must work in an agency and go through a great and useful school. This internship period is approximately 8 to 16 months.

2. Working as a freelancer – sounds good, right? Do you wake up whenever you want, go to the computer in your pajamas and sip your coffee? This only happens in commercials and movies. Freelancer jobs are more difficult and stressful than you imagine. Why? Because you find the client yourself, you talk to him yourself, you set the price, you manage the work period, and you are directly responsible for all the problems that arise. That is, you become a boss, a project manager, a designer, an animator and an accountant. Why an accountant? Because if you don’t tell customers the right price, you will either lose them or you won’t be able to pay the utility bills at the end of the month. That is, either you will lose the customer by saying the price is high, or you will work at a very low price and be hungry at the end of the month. It’s scary, but so true! That’s why you need a lot of discipline. “I can work whenever I want” – no! Freelancing requires serious willpower. And this discipline is very difficult to control. But believe me, if you manage this discipline correctly, you will earn a lot of money, and customers will choose you. You will no longer be looking for customers. Let me give you my example. I worked as a full-time freelancer from 2015 to 2021. For the first year, I was finding clients myself. I was looking for clients using facebook and linkedin platforms. After working with clients for 1 year, I already noticed that clients themselves start looking for me. Because I shared the ads I prepared on social networks, people liked and supported them. And the videos I made were reaching more companies. And as a result, I couldn’t take time off from animation orders. I was earning very well and had a lot of clients. If you ask why are you not working with clients now? In response, I will say that the first priority for me is freedom and peace. Then finance. That is, earning a lot of money and working under stress did not make me happy. And now I’m just doing youtube, sponsors and animation stock work, my soul is calm and my phone is not ringing from clients

3. Freelance on sites – I never give you false information. And so I want to say that I have never worked for online freelancer sites. But, I have friends and they work full time on sites like fiverr, upwork. This seemed interesting to me and I asked some questions to my friends and wondered about it. Ranking is very important in this type of sites. If you are new to the site, taking orders is quite difficult. Because customers don’t trust you, they doubt that you are a real profile. What should be done for this? There are 2 ways. One is legal and the other is illegal. If your goal is to work on these platforms and earn serious money, message clients and tell them that you can work for them for free. In return, they will enter and give your profile 5 stars and write a positive comment about you. That is, do 6-7 very simple, small things like this and don’t get paid for it, just ask people for comments and stars. With this rule, you will be able to turn your profile into a trusted profile. Another way is to open yourself a 2nd fake profile and order yourself a job for 5-6 dollars. And then finish the work, write a comment yourself, give 5 stars. I have 3 friends working on this platform and their monthly income is between 4500-6000 dollars. If you ask what field they work in: one of my friends is a music producer, and the other 2 are designers and animators.

4. Working with stocks – dear friends, I talked about this in detail in the 1st video. Of course, in the next videos I will show you how to register on stock sites, prepare and upload animations for it. Now I just want to talk about the general topic. Stock sites are divided into several categories. For example, the most popular site for animation and After Effects templates is envato market. The most video and photo stocks are shutterstock, pond5, adobe stock sites. I know, there are many stock sites. I’m just saying the sites I use. On the topic of boiler, the site that shows the best results is Motion Array. Then Envato Elements and Adobe Stock. Selling on Envato Market is easy, but in order to get into Envato Elements, you need a high-quality portfolio. In Motion Array, you can register as a seller on the site by submitting your top 5 animation works to them. In the next video, I will tell you about the algorithms and logic of stock sites and what system they work with.

5. Courses – when we say course, only udemy and other similar platforms come to mind. But I am talking about the real course. If you know the after effects program at a professional level, you will definitely receive offers from various courses. For example, in the country where I live, there are a maximum of 5 great and quality courses. To be honest, I received offers from all 5 courses and they offered me a very good salary. But because I am a free-spirited person and I love my home very much, I rejected their offers. Why? Because I love to sit at home and produce content for hours. I don’t want to leave home and go to other offices to give courses. But if you approach it as a profit, you can do it. Remember that there is always a need for good teachers. Try to be one of the best.

6. Online Courses – yes, now we come to the main issue. How to earn from online courses? Friends, probably all of you are familiar with Udemy, skillshare sites. You can sell your courses on these two sites. You set the price of your course on udemy. For example, you can sell 5 dollars or 150 dollars if you want. In 2019, I added my own course to the Udemy platform. My course consisted of 106 videos. It was a full 13-hour course. People really liked it and started buying the course. Remember that work always brings you new things. I found new students from the course I posted on udemy. That is, people watched my course and liked it, they wanted to buy an individual course from me. I also gave them paid online courses. In this form, I earned very good money, I gave courses to 15 students a month.

7. Youtube kids channels – everyone knows that toddlers love to watch cartoons on youtube. While eating, playing, sleeping, walking – they are always watching cartoons. Who wins this time? Of course, youtube channels that make and broadcast animation. Don’t forget that there are many cartoon channels on youtube that reach a billion views. Now think of the money they make. They earn a lot, and a lot! But making an animation is certainly not an easy task. You don’t need to know After Effects, Photoshop or illustrator for this. If you are thinking of making 3D animation, you should definitely learn one of Cinema 4D, Blender, 3ds Max or Maya programs. Cartoons don’t necessarily have to be professional level. You can also edit and publish it in a simple, quick-to-build format. Children do not understand the technical side of cartoons anyway. They watch them simply because they like colorful objects and children’s music.

8. Working in TV channels – yes, another difficult and scary field. Although it is difficult, you will gain a lot of experience working in TV channels. Because TV channels have daily, weekly programs, you will use After Effects, Premiere Pro and other design programs for 8 hours a day. This will help you become a professional. Imagine how strong software knowledge a person who uses After Effects 8 hours a day can have.

9. Participating in film and animation festivals – you can win cash prizes by participating in festivals. For example, let’s say you’ve created a 5-minute animation. There is a great way to make money from it. Submit the animation to the festival. I submitted an animation to the NO SMOKING film festival in 2018 and won 1st place. They gave me a reward of 2000 dollars. So, the 38-second cartoon I made earned me 2000. This is perfect. Later, I participated in another competition and won 500. This was a bank-related festival. Thus, the animations I prepared won festivals, and I earned money. Check it out too, you always have a chance to win if your animation is really useful and beautiful.

10. Selling lottie files – you may be hearing this for the first time, but you can make lottie animations and earn money. I had always heard about Lottie, but I had never considered working in this field. My friends Lottie was making a lot of money selling files. Well, what is Lottie? A Lottie is a JSON-based animation file format that enables designers to ship animations on any platform as easily as shipping static assets. They are small files that work on any device and can scale up or down without pixelation. LottieFiles lets you create, edit, test, collaborate and ship a Lottie in the easiest way possible.

Yes friends, we have come to the end of the video. I hope this video will be useful to you. Basic is also for beginners. If you liked the video, please like and subscribe to the channel. More interesting and useful videos will come soon. Good days!