Earn Money with After Effects | Episode: 01

Hello friends, I am here with a new video. I promised you that I will make a video with all the details. First of all, please like the video and subscribe to the channel. Because in this video I will talk about my 10 years of experience. I am waiting for you to like the video…..

Let’s start from the beginning. You’ve learned After Effects and intend to make money with it. Very nice! Remember, there are 10 ways you can make money knowing After Effects. I will explain them all to you.

1. Make money with stock animations: there are many stock sites to sell your animations. These are: Videohive and Envato Elements, Motion Array, Pond5, Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Motion Elements. These are just the sites I tested. But there are more sites to sell stock animation. I will tell you about my tests. First, let’s start with videohive. I have been selling on Videohive since 2015. I uploaded my animation there for the first time and forgot the name of the site. Later, I stumbled upon the site and saw that I had $25 in my balance. This surprised and pleased me. Because this $25 opened new business doors for me. I started researching on google and found that people are making enough money with videohive to live their life. Most importantly, they earn dollars. In the country where I live, the dollar is a valuable currency. For an American or a European, the dollar may not be considered so high, but it was considered high for me. That’s why I gave all my strength and started working on the videohive website. If you ask what I was selling there, I will answer that cartoon animations. Until 2019, I sold on videohive.

Later, a side platform called Envato Elements was launched. What was the difference between Envato Elements and Videohive? In Videohive, each animation was counted individually. On Envato Elements, a subscription system was created for customers, and people could download unlimited downloads by paying a certain monthly amount. At first I thought that Envato Elements is not worth switching to because it will have unlimited downloads and it will make me very little. But then I thought, I’m not selling After Effects templates. That said, unlimited downloads wouldn’t be a problem for me. I sent a request to Envato Elements, but they didn’t accept it. I was very discouraged and my sales on videohive were very low.  There were even months when the monthly sales limit did not even reach 50 dollars. Also note that you need to make at least $50 in sales in order to receive the money you earn from sales. This is the limit for Payoneer. For Paypal, the limit is 25 dollars. Since Paypal doesn’t work in my country, I use Payoneer and the minimum limit is $50. I’ve been very discouraged by the lack of sales lately, and I haven’t uploaded anything new there in a long time. I didn’t take videohive seriously for 2 years, I uploaded 2-3 files a month at most. And I received an email in April 2022. The email stated that I had earned $140 from Envato Elements and wanted me to connect my Payoneer account to send it to me. I was shocked to see this slant. After all, they didn’t accept me there… Later I found out that Envato accepted me there as a seller. I went to the dashboard and saw that last month I sold $140 and this month I sold $301. I was very happy to see this. Why am I so happy? Because, exactly 3 months ago, that is, on the first day of January, I promised myself that I would no longer accept customer orders and earn money on the Internet full time. This news was great for me. Anyway, I connected my payoneer account to envato and got my payment on the 15th of the month. I had already decided that I would start uploading animations there again. You know, something unexpected happened again. Exactly 5 days later, on April 20th, an email came again from envato saying that you have received a payment of $685. I opened my Payoneer account and saw that they actually charged $685. I started researching this to see if it was a mistake. I went to the support section on Envato Elements and saw that there is something called a 3-way payment system. From October to May, the sale of each file uploaded is counted 3 times. It was perfect. That is, every file uploaded during this period makes 3 times the sale and you get the income for the last 90 days. Additionally, Envato Elements has a bonus system. The more files you upload, the more item bonus you get. But unfortunately, this bonus system ended in August 2022. But don’t worry, downloading more files to earn more is the best option. Now let me tell you how it works. Daily payments are shown to you 33 days back. For example, you see your August sales daily in September.

This is because customers’ subscriptions expire on a full day. I currently have 1100 stock animations on the Envato market. My goal is to reach 10,000 stock animations. I work hard for it. OK, so what kind of animations sell the most here? Which files are in high demand? I think that every product has its buyer. But it is necessary to try not to have a specific topic. For example, what are the common themes when thinking? Money, banking, social media and an agenda. That is, if it is August, then Back to School themed animations sell more. Halloween themes can be accessed from September. Black Friday in October, Merry Christmas in November, Valentine’s Day in January, Spring in March, Summer, Icream, Travel, etc. in May. Therefore, you should make the animations in your portfolio very diverse. Your store should have an animation suitable for every topic. Because I experience the statistics in envato elements every month and I see that different animations come to the fore every month. Daily earnings on Envato Elements are shown including tax. But you can also select and view the net income from there. For example, my average daily income is between 25-30 dollars. This is very good for me as a passive income. Because I have additional YouTube income. In general, if I went to work in some agency, I would work there for an average of 20-25 dollars a day. And it wouldn’t do me any good. Friends, in conclusion, I want to touch on a few topics. If it is your dream to do such things, start without thinking about anything. This is not a motivational video, this is a reality video. Remember that no business is going to make you $1 million overnight. You will definitely have to go through difficult days in each of them. First you will earn pennies, then dollars. First you will earn $30 per month, then $300 or $500 per month. If you work on yourself and become strong, your monthly income will increase to $10,000. This is real, not funny. Because nowadays we have every condition. Computer, internet and phone. If you are using the computer just to spend time on facebook, it is very wrong. Because you can earn a lot of money from your computer. If you’re just watching funny cat videos on youtube, that’s not true. From there you can also watch videos that can teach you the art. Everything is in your hands. If you don’t save yourself, no one will save you. Times have changed, we must change too!