Hello friends, welcome to a new informative video. First of all, let me tell you that in this video you can see a lot of word mistakes. Because I wrote the text in the language of my country and translated it to English using Google translate. The main purpose of this video is to show you my 1 month Motion Array result. First, like the video, subscribe to the channel. Let’s goo…

I started Motion Array exactly 1 month ago, on August 1st. In fact, I wanted to start it 5 years ago, but I could not do it due to lack of time. But now I do it for the challange. When I first registered, I downloaded 5 animations. My profile was accepted in a few days and I started making sales. I was shocked from the first day. Even with only 5 animations, I was selling very fast. It was as if people were waiting for me. On the 5th day of the challenge, I had already sold $18. When I compared this to Envato Elements, it was a very high score. I liked that. I got excited and uploaded more new files. This time, the total number of animations reached 20. Sales also increased every day. When I did not expect it, something happened that shocked me. One of my animations reached the 1st place in the best sellers section. And after this event, the sales started increasing faster and that animation crossed 100 sales. As a result, I was very satisfied. It is possible to earn an average of 150-200 dollars with very little animation. I will try to be transparent in this video. As well as the good aspects of the site, I will mention the aspects that I am not satisfied with. New loading animations in Motion Array are received very late. In fact, in the beginning, they accepted quickly. Then something happened, they started accepting late. The files I uploaded on August 11th are still pending, keep in mind that today is August 31st. If they would accept the animations quickly, I would upload about 500 animations from my archive. But as a result, I was able to download only 58 files. Another thing I don’t like is that they change the names of the animations I upload and write very long sentences in the description part. Actually I understand, they do it for SEO. But by doing so, they further delay the adoption of animation. Anyway, overall I think one of the best stock sites out there is Motion Array. I received the payment with Payoneer. It was also very comfortable for me. I liked it! That is, if they eliminate the 2 problems I mentioned, maybe I can seriously work there. Because I have more than 5000 animations in my archive. Since the challenge is over, I deleted my animations and closed my profile. My intention was to do this for you. Dear friends, I will do the next challenge in Adobe Stock. And within 1 month I will check all my experiences there and make a new video for you. If you liked the video, write it as a comment and support me. Good days!