1.  How can I reach potential customers? – Before reaching to potential customers, you need to have a strong portfolio. If you have a strong portfolio, your chances to be discovered are higher. For example, think of yourself as a client. If you were a client, would you hire someone without a portfolio? Of course not. Also, if you have animations in different fields, the client will choose a suitable animation and inform you. This way both the client will explain his/her needs and you will clearly understand what your client wants. I will give you a secret. If you are doing a job well, the clients will reach you. This might sound like a cliché but I am telling this with my 10-years of experience. At first, I have used different methods to find clients. But my portfolio expanded over time and my clients started to recommend me to new clients. And we have this paradox as well. I must have worked with a company to create a good portfolio to increase my animation versions. There is a simple way to do that. You will see company promotion videos on social media. For example, a delivery company is posting ads on construction sites, supermarkets or other areas. You visit the websites of these companies, collect their e-mail and contact numbers and contact them. Offer your services to them and give a 3-4 times lower price offer than the normal market prices. When they ask why your prices are low, tell them that you are new in this market and ask for a chance. 90% of the clients don’t say no to this offer because it is an amazing chance for them. When you do that, you already have 1 portfolio. Then, you can apply to any company like this. Remember, if the first firm is satisfied, they will certainly get back to you. Since innovation and campaigns always exist in the service sector, you need to revive them. They will choose you because you are a cheap, high-quality and reliable person. You can slowly increase your prices and go up to market prices after getting back.