I quit my 8-year job and started my own business. Sound amazing right? But you probably understand that this is risky. Additionally, I quit by considering all risks, problems and the worst-case scenario. How? Let’s go back to first days…

            I saw a job post for an ad agency. They were looking for video editors. In the past, I used to film and edit the weddings and birthdays of my friends and family as an amateur. Therefore, I had some experience with video production. Most importantly, I was fast and good with a video editing program. When I saw with job post, I thought this was the right job for me and I immediately applied. They called me for an interview and they hired me. My monthly salary was 400 dollars. I was working 6 days per week from 10 am to 7 pm. I was working for the first time in my life and I was going to get paid for that. I was really excited and I waited for the last day of the month. At first, I liked the office and the employees. They were nice to me. They were kind when I couldn’t do something and they tried to teach me. After months passed, I understood that nothing was at it seems. I was 21 years old and very young. I thought life is one step ahead and I can buy a house, car and build a luxurious life here. But I didn’t know the reality about life. As time passes, I saw injustice in the business world. Ass-kissing, those who do not work but wait for the work hours to end and many more. When there was an important project, I was always working overtime and I was not showing off for that. But when I tried to leave 1 hour before the end of work hour, my director and other employees would see that and start condemning you. All of these events followed each other and I now know that I couldn’t be happy like this. I was waking up early, going to work, go back home after work, eat and sleep. I have nothing of private life. I spend all my life with my boss and to make more money for him. Right, maybe this work style is good for most people. Because at the end of the month, you get your salary and insurance. Think about it. My boss changed 4 cars in the 8 years and I was still using public transport. This was a horrible feeling! One day, I thought all the way at night from the office to my home. I thought that I must stop this. We only live once and I can’t live like that! I made a promise myself to go to work in the morning and quit! Yes, it was a serious and timely decision. It was morning; I woke up and the weather was beautiful. The weather to quit; sunny and a bit windy… I went to the office, I waited so that the director will come and I can quit! Although my decision surprised him, he asked me to think it over. I said my decision was certain. He was understanding so I packed and came home. Yes, I was at the most excited and interesting place of my life. I had no job and I didn’t know what to do. But I always have the thought to be a businessman and I thought one day I will own my business! I thought to build my business with my skills and so did I. I took my video camera that I bought 2 years ago and I started filming the wedding and engagement of my friends. I filmed love stories. This way, I filmed for free for my friends and prepared a portfolio for me and now, I had 10 video work to present to the clients. I started to look for clients. The road to the clients was on the internet and from my friends. How? I subscribed to online gig websites and searched for the jobs suitable for me. Then, my friends recommended me and I started to offer services to other people. I don’t want to talk about it too much, do you know what happened? Everyone liked what I filmed and everyone in my stated asked for me. I was taking photos and videos for married couples and I earned good money from that. After working like this for 1 year, I hired 2 of my close and talented friends. One was taking videos and the other was editing videos. This way, I did nothing; I was just talking to the clients and I was growing my business by checking everything. This was my own job, yes, my own business! Business does not mean selling something. It is about selling service. Thankfully I have a video production company with 43 people and in addition to engagements, we are filming commercial ads and short movies! It has been 3 years since I quit my job. In these 3 years, I believed, trusted in myself and I was sure I was going to make this. Thank you for watching the video. Remember. Life is short, follow your dreams and be happy. The thing is if you are not happy at your work, you can’t be happy in your private life. Our work-life directly affects our private life.

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